About Us

     B&W Equipment and Supply Corporation was founded August 2, 1980, by Leo Emond. The business began in the Emond’s basement and then it moved to a office trailer in Beltsville and eventually we moved to a larger yard in Annapolis Junction where we remain today.  The business has grown substantially, but we do not want to get so large that our employees cannot personally get to know each customer.  We continue to have a live person answer all phone calls because we believe you loose that personal touch with customers when they have to navigate through a voicemail system.  B&W Equipment believes customers are vital to the success of our business. 


     Over the years B&W Equipment became a family business.  Leo Emond’s son-in-law and daughter joined the company.  Today we focus on making all employees feel a part of the family.  We believe that if our employees are a valued member of the company than they will strive to achieve high levels of customer service. 

     Customers are our most vital asset.  B&W Equipment realizes that we would not exist if it was not for our customers.  Satisfied customers recommend our services to others, which is how we have obtained many accounts.  We want to personally get to know our customers because the more we know about your customers the better we can anticipate their needs.  We stock some products specifically for repeat customers.  We proudly serve construction trades, government agencies, municipalities, and home owners.

     B&W Equipment created the following vision and mission statements to help define our purpose and primary objectives:

     Our Vision – To respond to customer demands within the construction and rental equipment
                         industry, while providing competitive pricing and superior services.

     Our Mission – B&W Equipment strives to enrich its customer service through employees 
                         teamwork.  Employees will meet and exceed customer’s needs and 
                         expectations while continuing to acquire new accounts.

     Dealing with more than 300 different manufacturers makes our company unique in this day and time. We want to be your one stop store for construction equipment, supplies, and parts.  Since we deal with so many vendors we strive to meet our customers demands.  We want to offer convince to our customers.  Our parts service cannot be beat!




B & W Equipment & Supply
11010 Guilford Rd. PO Box 247 Annapolis Junction MD 20701
Phone: (301) 953-3383 Fax: 301-953-3738
Toll Free Phone: 888-677-8681